Monday, March 30, 2009

#12 Roll Your Own!

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Do you have a group of websites that are your favorites? Or a set of online resources that are similar that you frequently use to answer homework or reference questions? Well Rollyo may be the tool for you. Rollyo allows you to create your own search tool for only the websites you know and trust.

Take a look at some of these searchrolls that have already been created:

Here's a searchroll I created to search for information about California Indians.

Discovery Exercise:
  1. Explore Rollyo and create and account for yourself.
  2. Create a search roll for any subject you like.
  3. Create a post in your blog about your experience and link to your search roll. Can you see a potential use for this tool in your work?
OPTIONAL: Add a search roll to your blog using the "Create a Searchbox" tool.